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Final Days to Give Aloha!

September 22, 2011

Mahalo to the many of you who have already donated to ‘Ōlelo’s Give Aloha campaign.  I know there are many more of you who will be donating sometime during the final days of the campaign.  Please continue to spread the word!

I had a chance to sit down with Jonette and ask her what inspired her to donate to ‘Ōlelo through the Give Aloha campaign.

Featured Donor:  Jonette Buza

Growing up in Kekaha on the Island of Kaua‘i has a lot to do with what makes Jonette tick.  She was raised by parents who never had too much, but always shared what little they had with those less fortunate in their small plantation community.  Jonette remembers many nights when her father welcomed immigrant laborers to their house to eat, not because they could afford it, but because it was the right thing to do for people who otherwise may not have eaten that night.

When I asked Jonette what inspired her to make a donation to ‘Ōlelo during this Give Aloha campaign, she said “I wanted to support ‘Ōlelo’s mission and further services within our communities so that our communities can be strengthened, especially Wahiawā where people are having a really hard time.”  Jonette is a volunteer with the Wahiawā Lion’s Club and has taken a leadership position with Wahiawā softball’s “Club Exit 8.”  She explained that she sees the benefit that ‘Ōlelo brings to her community by helping small organizations get their message out to the broader community.  Jonette added, “If we can help support ‘Ōlelo’s mission, it ends up supporting the entire community.”

Jonette mentioned that donating to ‘Ōlelo through the Foodland checkout came naturally to her.  She actually takes her daughter, Jazmyn, with her on pay days and makes a donation at the checkout to Foodland’s initiatives that help feed Hawai’i’s hungry.  “I have to go grocery shopping anyway and I make it a point to donate what I can.  I take Jazmyn with me so that she  will have an example of what it means to be part of a community that cares about one another.”  The Buza legacy of giving lives on!

Mahalo plenty to Jonette and Jazmyn for making a difference in their community and supporting ‘Ōlelo’s mission to strengthen our island voices and advance community engagement through innovative media!

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